Meeting with Ambassador of Tajikistan to Belarus Mahmadsharif Haqdod

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Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko met with Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Tajikistan to Belarus Mahmadsharif Haqdod on 3 June.

“We have agreed that the President of Tajikistan will arrive in Belarus in the near future. People know and appreciate him in Belarus, and not only the elite and people involved in politics, as they are used to saying now. Belarusian people know Emomali Sharipovich [Rahmon] very well. We are waiting for his visit,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

It is expected that the President of Tajikistan will visit Belarus ahead of the closing ceremony of the 2nd European Games in Minsk. The heads of state will discuss the development of bilateral relations, previous agreements. “He will spend some time in Belarus. I hope that he will learn more about our country, its nature is different from yours. You have mountains, we, unfortunately, don’t have them at all. But some places in Tajikistan are similar to places in Belarus. I saw them, I visited them with him [Rahmon],” the President said. “He will stay in Belarus for a few days. Of course, we must give him a warm welcome.”

Aleksandr Lukashenko added that in the this regard it is especially important to discuss bilateral interaction, the progress in the fulfillment of previous agreements. “We have a roadmap, and we must implement it. It will benefit you and us,” the head of state stressed.

Previously the sides agreed to plant gardens of friendship in Belarus. Fruit crops from Tajikistan are already grown in Brest Oblast and Gomel Oblast. “If the project is a success, you will be a pioneer in planting southern gardens in northern Belarus. I think everything will be fine,” the President emphasized.

The meeting also focused on the development of industrial cooperation between the two countries, including the assembly of Belarusian tractors in Hisor. “As far as I know, they have already produced 500 tractors this year. The demand in neighboring countries is high. We are ready to develop our joint enterprise in accordance with our agreements,” the head of state said.

During the meeting the President also expressed concern over a decrease in the volume of trade with Tajikistan. “The Ministries of Foreign Affairs and the governments should ensure trade balance between the two countries. We also need to step up efforts to promote joint products on the markets of third countries,” Aleksandr Lukashenko concluded.