Interview to Russia 1 TV channel

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Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko gave an interview to the famous Russian journalist Sergei Brilev, host of the Vesti v Subbotu program on the Russia 1 TV channel on 2 September.

Aleksandr Lukashenko answered a number of questions related to the meeting of the presidents of the Customs Union member states, Ukraine and high representatives of the European Union that took place in Minsk on 26 August.

Aleksandr Lukashenko shared his view of the role of Belarus and its President in the organization and conduct of the Minsk meeting that was held in the context of the tragic developments in Ukraine.

“We belong to the Slavic world. And a fire broke out in this world. It is very painful for me and I take it close to heart. And then someone starts talking about some dividends…. It is total nonsense! No one should take advantage of it! People are suffering. What kind of people will we be if we pluck pieces of burning wood from this fire and use them for our own benefits?” the Belarusian President asked.

“I just did what everyone wanted. Poroshenko wanted to conduct this summit in Minsk. He would not have come to Russia, you understand it. I did not scream out load inviting people to come to Minsk. It was Poroshenko’s idea. This meeting would not have taken place without Putin,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

The Belarusian President shared his views on how to settle the Ukraine crisis as soon as possible. He also talked about Belarus’ efforts to mitigate some humanitarian repercussions of the events going on in Ukraine.

Aleksandr Lukashenko gave his take on the evolution of the Eurasian Union, prospects of Belarus-Russia mutually beneficial cooperation in processing and supplying agricultural produce against the backdrop of Russia’s ban on food imports from a number of countries.

The complete interview is to be broadcast in the Vesti v Subbotu program on 6 September.