Meeting with heads of constitutional courts of foreign countries

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Belarus is interested in the experience of foreign countries in constitutional law, Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko said as he met with heads of constitutional courts of foreign countries on 31 May.

The president remarked that Belarus hosts a large-scale forum focusing on the modern constitutional development of countries in the landmark year which marks the 25th anniversary of the Constitution.

“We appreciate your readiness to share your experience in constitutional law. Of course, we are interested,” the head of state said.

Aleksandr Lukashenko hailed the participation in the forum of the European Commission for Democracy through Law. Belarus maintains very good ties with this commission. “We hope to continue international cooperation in this field,” the president said.

The head of state emphasized that legal issues are topical ones, they are important for building a just society where every citizen is protected by the state and the inviolability of the political structure is guaranteed by the Fundamental Law. “The rule of law in the state, the observation of its norms and principles at all levels of political, social and spiritual life of people is a sign of a well-developed society,” the head of state noted.

Aleksandr Lukashenko said that the Constitution which was passed in Belarus 25 years ago gave a strong impetus to the development of democratic institutions in the country. “An agemate of the Fundamental Law, the Constitutional Court helps strengthen our statehood,” he said. “The main objective of our Constitutional Court is to make annual reports on constitutional legality. This is the main legal document of our Constitutional Court. I am convinced that you have similar legal acts. Their conclusions and proposals regarding the development of the legal system is an important factor for improving policy making and law enforcement.” The head of state explained that the reports of the Constitutional Court are annually read out in the parliament in attendance of representatives of all branches of power, and the proposals envisages in these documents must be strictly fulfilled.

The president emphasized the role of legal norms for the society and the responsibility of law makers. “Laws are a living matter. They decide fates of people, countries and the whole world. Harmonious development of modern society and world justice depend on those who make and improve these laws, those who monitor the observation of legal norms,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

However, the president noted with regret that the behavior of politicians in the modern world is not always responsible and is not always in compliance with the law. “What are consequences? It leads to wars, chaos, and so on, when politicians are above the law, above legal acts which exist in the world and are acknowledged at the interstate level, above the agreements which have the rule of law in certain states,” he said. “It leads to conflicts and wars in certain regions. If it stays the same, we will face a new world war. I think it will be the last war.” In order to prevent such developments, preserve peace and stability, it is essential to observe legal norms at all levels. “We must observe the international law and internal laws. Belarus is not only prepared for it, Belarus always makes a call for it, and will always do its best to maintain peace and stability in the world,” the president concluded.