Greetings to personnel of Interstate Television and Radio Company Mir

    The Interstate Television and Radio Company Mir is a powerful instrument of information policy in the CIS member states, Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko said in his message of greetings to the personnel of the company which celebrates its 25th anniversary.

    “This large-scale media project corresponding with the spirit of the time unites talented, proactive and dedicated professionals who cherish the best traditions and the highest standards of journalism. By covering all facets of the social, political, economic, cultural, and sports life of the Commonwealth [of Independent States], you are making a big contribution to the strengthening of friendship and mutual trust between our peoples,” the message of greetings reads.

    The President remarked that over the past 25 years the television and radio company has got a devoted multi-million audience both in the Commonwealth of Independent States and abroad.

    “I am convinced that Mir will continue fulfilling its important mission to unite people, shape their worldview and impartially evaluate current events,” the head of state stressed.

    He wished the Mir team strong health, inspiration, and new achievements.