Greetings to organizers, participants and guests of International Army Games 2017

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Dear participants of the International Army Games,

Please accept my greetings on the opening of the traditional competition which has already been called the Military Olympic Games.

Such competitions bear great meaning. Let’s agree that it is more common to see people with weapons and powerful military equipment on the battlefield. Therefore, peaceful events at military training grounds are the best evidence of trust between states and their armed forces.

It is especially important today. International terrorism poses a threat to all states without exception. Unfortunately, the general situation in the global community is tense. Therefore, all peace-loving countries should be especially watchful, focused, and prepared to respond to the most unexpected challenges and threats. According to the head of state, combat readiness, training, and equipment of armed forces, understanding and military fellowship of allies and partners are the most reliable guarantee of security for countries.

The Army Games have brought together participants from many states. These are the best of the best who are by right considered the army elite. Every one of you has gone through a tough selection process and very serious tests. Just like in sport, you are here today thanks to your strength of spirit, impeccable training and perseverance. It is a great honor for you to represent your country at the international competition, demonstrate combat and tactical skills, the ability to act in a well-coordinated manner.

Professional excellence is valued in all walks of life. However, this quality is especially important in the noble duty to protect the homeland. I am convinced that the games will give an opportunity to share practical experience and military knowledge. Enemies will be discouraged to look at us through a gun sight.

May our troops meet at such competitions, may the geography of the games be expanding with new countries and continents. Such events serve a great purpose to maintain peace and security.

I wish all participants of the International Army Games success and good results. He also wished the Belarusian team bright and convincing victories.