Greetings to Israel President Isaac Herzog

    Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko has sent greetings to Israel President Isaac Herzog as the country celebrates Independence Day.

    “Since the proclamation of the Declaration of Independence in 1948, your beautiful country has passed an outstanding way of its development and has become a blooming garden of the Middle East, a trade and economic center and a global scientific and technological hub,” the message of greetings says. “I am especially glad to point out that prominent citizens of Belarus - Chaim Weizmann, Menachem Begin, Zalman Shazar, Yitzhak Shamir, Shimon Peres - stood at the origins of the Israeli statehood. Being one of the founding members of the United Nations Organization, Belarus supported the resolution of the General Assembly which made possible the creation of the independent Jewish state.”

    Aleksandr Lukashenko has emphasized that even today Belarus highly appreciates the good and open nature of cooperation with Israel, which is based on the centuries-old history of good neighborliness and mutual assistance of the two countries. “We are interested in expanding joint activities in trade, investment, industry, agriculture and food, high technology, medicine and pharmaceuticals, science and tourism,” the Belarusian leader said. “I am confident that further strengthening of the bilateral ties corresponds to the common interests of our countries, so today there is a need to resume regular air communication between Belarus and Israel, which is an important factor to increase the efficiency of trade and economic cooperation, preserve interpersonal contacts and cultural exchanges,” the Belarusian head of state added.

    The Belarusian president has wished the president of Israel good health, happiness and success in his responsible state work and peace, prosperity and well-being to the citizens of this country.