Greetings to Air Defense Forces

    Greetings to soldiers and veterans of the Air Defense Forces

    Dear friends,

    I wish you a Happy Air Defense Forces’ Day.

    You have chosen a very important profession to defend the sky of your country never running away from difficulties and being loyal to your military duty. You have never been afraid of the harsh climate and distant horizons.

    Thanks to people doing their best to protect the air borders of our country – officers and warrant officers, soldiers and sergeants – the Air Defense Forces are the reliable shield of Belarus.

    One of the brightest pages in the history of the Air Defense Forces was written during the Great Patriotic War. In this period the Air Defense Forces were shaped as an independent branch of the Armed Forces; and the personnel laid the foundations of the glorious traditions which the people in uniform now cherish, multiply and pass to the younger generation.

    The modern Air Defense Forces are vigorously developing, using cutting-edge equipment, solving educational and military tasks, and it is proved by successful maneuvers during military exercises at Belarusian and Russian firing grounds.

    The state will continue doing its best to provide cutting-edge equipment to anti-aircraft missile troops, radar troops and fighter aviation.

    I am convinced that your professional excellence will remain a strong factor in containing any aggressor.

    I wish you good health, happiness, peace and every success in your service for the benefit of the Republic of Belarus.

    Aleksandr Lukashenko