Greetings on the Day of the National Emblem and the National Flag of Belarus

    Dear compatriots,

    I cordially congratulate you on the Day of the National Emblem of the Republic of Belarus and the National Flag of the Republic of Belarus.

    For a true citizen nothing can be more sacred and precious than the emblem and the flag of the native country. Looking at them every one of us feels an integral part of a big family – the Belarusian people.

    Our emblem and flag reflect the greatness and beauty of the native land, continuity of historical traditions and the inseparable connection of the past, present and future of the country, peaceful and creative character of Belarusians. With these main symbols of our sovereign state which were chosen taking into account the will of the people we are making headway with confidence trying to reach a common goal – to build strong and prosperous Belarus.

    To honor and respect the emblem and the flag is the duty of each and every Belarusian. May these greatest national treasures hallmark the most important events in your lives, filling hearts with noble love for the Fatherland and responsibility for its future.

    In this holiday I wish you, dear compatriots, strong health, joy, happiness, wellbeing and success in work for the benefit of the Homeland.
    Aleksandr Lukashenko