Festive concert on occasion of Belarus President’s inauguration

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On the occasion of the president's inauguration the Palace of the Republic hosted a festive concert titled as Together Into a New Day. The country's top stage  welcomed adults and children, talents that have yet to prove themselves and famous Belarusian artists, famous Belarusians, who live in various countries across the globe yet are united in their love of Belarus.

At the festive concert Aleksandr Lukashenko said that the election was over for him the day before the polls.

Aleksandr Lukashenko said: “No hall can contain the number of people, whose souls, hearts and labor touched this very important political campaign.” He remarked that many have yet to understand the importance of this campaign. “You just don’t understand yet what you did, how you made that day and the future of our country,” said Aleksandr Lukashenko.

He underlined that he was very well informed about the progress of the election campaign although he could not interfere with it. “I warned the leaders of my team, the presidential administration, the oblast governors, and other people involved in the campaign by saying that the election ended for me on the eve of the polling day, that the polling process will be yours to take care of, you will be the ones to handle it. We don’t want to be accused of dictatorship and suppression of free speech in Belarus. I closely monitored the work in the regions. Wherever I went, I was informed how the election campaign teams operated,” said the head of state.

Aleksandr Lukashenko mentioned the importance of the fact that the election campaign had gone in a calm and silent manner. “People came quietly and demonstrated who is the owner of the house. The fact does not mean that no huge efforts, no colossal work had been done to organize the pre-election campaign,” stressed the President.

Aleksandr Lukashenko once again thanked voters for supporting him in the polls. “I may not be able to find the words to properly thank all of you, to make you feel my gratitude for what you did. And not because you helped me get elected as the president. That’s not the point. The key thing is that you forced the entire world to recognize the honesty of the election. You forced the entire world to talk about Belarus,” said Aleksandr Lukashenko.