Farmers from Brest Oblast and Grodno District commended by Belarus President

    The workers of the agricultural industry of Brest Oblast and Grodno District have been commended by the Belarus President in recognition of their significant contribution to the development of the agricultural industry, the achievement of high performance indicators. Belarusian leader Aleksandr Lukashenko signed a corresponding resolution to award the workers the commendation letters.

    In addition, the President’s letters of commendation were given to a number of agricultural companies, including SPK Larinovka, Orsha District; OAO Agro-Kolyadichi, Pruzhany District; SPK Svisloch, Grodno District; the municipal agricultural unitary enterprise “Sovkhoz-kominat Zarya”, Mozyr District; OAO Gorodeya, Nesvizh District; OAO Rassvet named after K.P. Orlovsky, Kirovsk District.