Distinguished Belarusians honored with state awards

    As many as 143 Belarusians have been awarded for accomplishments in various spheres of life. Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko signed the relevant decree.

    Orders, medals, and honorary titles have been bestowed for many years of fruitful work, impeccable service, exceptional valor and courage in fighting against crime, in rescuing people from fires and dealing with emergencies, for enormous personal contributions to ensuring law and order, to implementing the budget policy and the fiscal policy, for developing mechanical engineering industry, chemical industry, railway transport, civil aviation, for accomplishments in the area of civil engineering, retail, social security, healthcare, science, education, and culture.

    An Order for Service to the Homeland has been bestowed upon Alexander Kutasin, head of the explosives service of the national special assignments unit of the Belarusian Emergencies Ministry. Another Order for Service to the Homeland has been bestowed upon First Deputy Internal Affairs Minister, Chief of Criminal Police Ivan Podgursky as well as Senior Officer of the 1st Department of the Intelligence Office of the Special Operations Command Staff of the Belarusian army Alexander Polubinsky, and Head of the Zhitkovichi District Department of the Belarusian Emergencies Ministry Andrei Turovets.

    An Order of Honor has been bestowed upon Director General of the state R&D group Chemical Synthesis and Biotechnology, Director of the Institute of Microbiology of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus Emilia Kolomiyets, an installation worker of Construction Department No. 256 of the civil engineering company OAO MAPID Anatoly Karpitsky, Head of the Operations Control Center of the national air carrier Belavia Sergei Kotilo, Director General of the NASB Scientific and Practical Center for Foodstuffs Zenon Lovkis, Deputy Dean for Discipline of the Law Faculty at the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Vasily Nevmerzhitsky and Director of Mine Administration No. 4 at OAO Belaruskali Sergei Patiyuk.

    An Order of Francysk Skaryna has been bestowed upon Editor-in-Chief of the New Nemiga Literature Magazine Anatoly Avrutin.

    The lead investigator for special cases of the Anti-Terrorism Squad Almaz of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Pavel Shcherbakov has been honored with a Medal For Courage.

    A large group of military and law enforcement personnel and emergency workers has been honored with medals for excellence in military service, for excellence in the maintenance of public order, and for excellence in the prevention and mitigation of emergencies.

    Dozens of people have been awarded medals for impeccable services. The list of awardees includes former Finance Minister Vladimir Amarin (2014-2018), a columnist of the Belarus Segodnya publishing house Vladimir Bibikov, Chairman of the Ivanovo District Executive Committee Yuri Bisun, Director of the National Book Chamber Yelena Ivanova, Director of large-panel house building plant No.1 at OAO MAPID Vladimir Koryagin, First Deputy Director General of the air carrier Belavia Gleb Parkhamovich, and Rector of the Sukhoi Gomel State Technical University Sergei Timoshin.

    The recipients of the Francysk Skaryna Medal are the head of Grodno Holy Nativity-Theotokion stavropegial convent Maria Glukhova, Editor-in-Chief of the Science and Innovation magazine Zhanna Komarova, Academician-Secretary of the Department of Chemistry and Earth Sciences at the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus Sergei Usanov.

    Honorary titles have been awarded to representatives of culture and arts, science, education, social security, forestry, construction, and law. The honorary title People's Artist of Belarus has been awarded to the ballet artist (soloist) of the National Academic Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theater Irina Yeromkina.