Conferment of state awards

  • 29

Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko presented state awards to the best workers of education on 29 August.

Thirty-seven teachers from various regions of Belarus received state awards and honorary titles in recognition of the many-year productive work, a big personal contribution to the development of the education system, training and upbringing of the younger generation, organization of recuperation for children, training of teachers and highly qualified specialists.

The president said that the awarding ceremony is attended by the best workers of education who are shaping the moral and spiritual foundation of the young generation of Belarusians. Many of them took part in the Nationwide Conference of Teaching. “By nurturing love for genuine values since childhood, sharing your knowledge, you help build the educated, civilized, and hardworking Belarusian nation,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said. “The presentation of state awards in the run-up to Knowledge Day is an acknowledgement of your personal merits and a sign of profound respect for the noble profession of teaching.”

The head of state pointed out the importance of good education for children since early age. Therefore, the efficiency of pre-school educational institutions is very important. “First of all, it depends on educators, their warm-heartedness and ability to find a key to every child. Such people deserve all kinds of support and encouragement,” the president stressed.

The medal for labor services was conferred on worker of kindergarten No. 78 in Grodno Tatyana Litvinchik. The president’s letter of commendation was given to worker of kindergarten No. 72 in Vitebsk Svetlana Krepskaya. The best directors and teachers of Minsk and regional schools received state awards for professional achievements and commitment. Medals for labor services were conferred on mathematics teacher of the Yelsk District gymnasium Valentina Troshko, geography teacher of Zhodino gymnasium No. 1 Irina Pichugina, informatics teacher of Slutsk secondary school No. 11 Vladimir Zhuk. “I am convinced that they will be a good stimulus for you in the future, will encourage you to reach new heights in your profession,” the head of state said addressing the teachers.

Vocational training is very important. Belarus has made much progress in its development. Its popularity in the country and abroad is a kind of a quality label, Aleksandr Lukashenko remarked. State awards were conferred on the best workers of lyceums and colleges from Vitebsk, Ivatsevichi, Krichev, Minsk, Mogilev, and Pinsk. These were Director of the Ivatsevichi state professional lyceum of agricultural production Mikhail Dymovich, mathematics teacher of Mogilev Oblast state lyceum No. 3 Alla Roshal, chief master of the Pinsk state construction lyceum Gennady Romanovsky. They received medals for labor services.

“The system of higher learning is meant for the training of highly-qualified specialists in all branches of the economy. Many universities successfully introduce innovative methods of education and become true centers of promoting the scientific and technical progress both in the regions and in the Belarusian capital,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said. The head of state stressed that all Belarusian institutions of higher learning are at the same stage of development and training of future specialists.

The Honored Worker of Education of Belarus title was bestowed upon Rector of the Polotsk State University Dmitry Lazovsky and Rector of the Brest State Technological University Piotr Poita, professor of the electric stations chair of the Belarusian National Technical University Fyodor Romanyuk and other representatives of higher education institutions. First Deputy Head of the Interior Ministry Academy Alexei Bashan and head of the philosophy and ideology chair of the Interior Ministry Academy Sergei Maslenchenko received the Honorary Worker of Law Enforcement Bodies of Belarus titles. The president’s letter of commendation was given to Rector of the Belarusian State Economic University Vladimir Shimov.

“Teachers not only give new and important knowledge to our children. They also take care of the younger generation in the country by nurturing respect, friendship and patriotism,” the head of state said. He congratulated the teachers on their awards and wished them happiness, wellbeing, and every success in their difficult and honorable work.

After the ceremony the awardees were taken on a guided tour of the Palace of Independence, which is one of the symbols of the modern Belarusian statehood. The teachers saw the landmark premises where important decisions are made, international meetings and summits take place.