Commentary to Decree No. 9 of 10 January 2018

    Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko signed Decree No. 9 on 10 January to approve the plan of preparation of draft laws in 2018.

    In accordance with the plan, thirty-nine draft laws will be prepared and submitted to the House of Representatives of the National Assembly. Six draft laws are brand-new. These are draft laws “Concerning payment services of the Republic of Belarus”, “Concerning personal data”, “Concerning electric energy”, “Concerning radiation safety”, “Concerning the protection and use of swamps (peat bogs)”, and “Concerning forensic enquiry”.

    Five draft laws are included in the so-called budged package. Among them is the draft law “Concerning the 2019 national budget”.

    Other draft laws are aimed at improving the national legislation. It is planned to introduce a number of amendments to the laws “Concerning labor protection”, “Concerning the transplantation of organs and tissues”, “Concerning business entities”, “Concerning geographical indications”, “Concerning audit activities”, “Concerning road traffic”, “Concerning advertizing”, “Concerning natural monopolies”, “Concerning state innovative policy and innovative activities in the Republic of Belarus”, “Concerning civil service in the Republic of Belarus”, etc.

    Besides, two concepts of the draft laws “Concerning public organizations and business entities with the participation of the state” and “Concerning the prevention of domestic violence” will be prepared and submitted to the President in 2018.