Commentary to Decree No. 5 and Decree No. 6 of 5 January 2012

    Five awards of the President of the Republic of Belarus "For Spiritual Revival" have been conferred on priests, pedagogues, authors and labor collectives for their humanitarian activities. On 5 January the President signed relevant Decree No. 5.

    Among the awardees are Archbishop of Novogrudok and Lida Gury. He was awarded for the personal contribution to the spiritual revival of Belarus, publishing, educational and charitable activities. The award was also conferred on parenting teachers of the Nesvizh orphanage Igor Bushmakin and Galina Bushmakina, and others.

    Moreover, Aleksandr Lukashenko signed Decree No. 6 to decorate workers of culture and arts with nine special prizes of the President.

    Awards were bestowed upon workers of art, art historians, pedagogues, creative and museum collectives for the great contribution to the development of fine arts, art history, amateur art, museology, education of the creative youth.

    The award was conferred on People's Artist of Belarus Bella Masumyan, ballet dancer Yekaterina Oleinik, and others.

    The decrees are a testimony to the effort of the state to create healthy spiritual atmosphere in the society, preserve and multiply national cultural heritage, promote Belarusian culture and arts, nurture love for the Motherland, disseminate the ideas of humanism, charity and mercy.