Commentary to Decree No. 453 of 14 December 2016

    The city development plans of Vitebsk and Gomel have been revised for the period till 2025. Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko signed corresponding decree No. 453 on 14 December.

    The decree aims to determine the optimal planning structure and functional zoning of territories, set the priorities for the further development of the engineering and transport infrastructure, create safe, barrier-free and favorable environment for the residents of these cities.

    The development of Vitebsk envisages the improvement of the services sector, tourism, science and production (Vitebsk FEZ, Zhurzhevo district, new production and business zones in Shumilinskaya Street and along the Beshenkovichi motorway), modernization of organizations, development of small business ventures, creation of multi-purpose business centers along the main avenues of the city.

    The prospective urban area included the villages of Ruba and Luzhesno.

    The social and economic development of Gomel is connected with the expansion of the production zone and improvement of the services sector. The construction of housing will be continued on free territories. Residential housing will be built instead of vacated production premises and other obsolete buildings.

    The revision of city development plans will help promote the stable territorial development of these cities, the rational use of resources, raise the wellbeing of people, and improve the system of social security, working and recreation conditions.