Commentary to decree No. 445 of 16 November 2018

    Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko signed Decree No. 445 “On financing investment projects” to promote the social and economic development of Orsha District, Vitebsk Oblast, and implement investment projects on 16 November.

    In accordance with the document, in 2018-2020 OAO Belagroprombank will issue loans under the guarantees of the government to OAO Vitebskmyasomolprom to build a pig-breeding facility and loans to Orsha Meat Packing Plant to build a livestock slaughter and processing facility.

    OAO Vitebskmyasomolprom and Orsha Meat Packing Plant will also open special accounts to accumulate money towards debt repayment to OAO Belagroprombank.

    A contractor, a developer of the design documentation, suppliers of goods, providers of construction services will be determined in a simplified procedure.

    The decree aims to restore the solvency of Orsha Meat Packing Plant by using its production capacities in full. The plant will additionally get pork from the pig-breeding facility of OAO Vitebskmyasomolprom.