Commentary to Decree No. 401 of 9 September 2013

    On 9 September President of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko signed Decree No. 401 “Concerning the bestowal of State Prizes of the Republic of Belarus for the year 2012”.

    The decree bestowed three awards for achievements in science and technology, three for literature, arts, and architecture for works of scientific novelty and of considerable economic effectiveness or social importance for Belarus as well as those that have been widely recognized by the Belarusian society and the international community.

    A state award for achievements in science and technology went to Mikhail Artemyev, Anatoly Lesnikovich, and Oleg Ivashkevich for a series of researches into new inorganic compounds and materials based on micro and nanosized particles, in particular, the acquisition, quality, and applications of such compounds. Over the course of 35 years the authors have synthetized over 100 new compounds that have found applications in various industries and various countries across the globe.

    A state award for achievements in science and technology has been bestowed upon Leonid Tanin, Piotr Moiseyenko, and Nikolai Makarevich for the development and large-scale introduction of national means to protect documents, securities and particularly valuable objects using holographic methods. The team has worked out and introduced national solutions to protect securities against forgery. From the scientific point of view the work has advanced physical principles and has developed unique holographic technologies as an uncontested achievement of Belarusian researchers and engineers.

    Apart from that, a state award for achievements in science and technology went to the work that involved the development and production of fourth-generation wheeled chassis and tractor trucks for military uses and dual uses. The author team consisting of Andrei Golovach, Yuri Nikolayev, and Yevgeny Gorko have created the foundation for starting the domestic production of special wheeled chassis and tractor trucks, which performance is considerably better than that of the previous generation vehicles.

    A state award for achievements in literature, arts and architecture has lauded the performance Pinsk Gentry staged after the play by Vincent Dunin-Marcinkievic. The team of the National Academic Yanka Kupala Theater has created a performance, which was an outstanding event in the country’s theatrical live. It was an impressive synergy of classics and modern approaches. The performance has been highly praised in Belarus and abroad. The award was bestowed upon People’s Artist of Belarus Viktor Manayev, art director Olga Matskevich, and composer Andrei Zubrich.

    For outstanding achievements in vocal and performing mastery a state award for achievements in literature, arts and architecture went to Nina Sharubina, a vocalist artist, the leading maestro of the National Academic Great Opera and Ballet Theater of the Republic of Belarus. With her rare voice timbre, the artist became the leading soloist of the opera and ballet theater within a short time. She demonstrated outstanding singing skills and dramatic actress talents. Her creative work is the top achievement of the latest Belarusian art.

    A state award for achievements in literature, arts and architecture went to the team of Valery Kutsko, Vladimir Budayev, and Anatoly Shabalin, who have created the country’s largest sport and entertainment complex Minsk Arena. The facility is unparalleled in Belarus in its scale, engineering and creative solutions and can be compared with the mankind’s best architectural masterpieces.

    The adoption of the decree testifies to the state’s high esteem and acknowledgement of the merits of the outstanding Belarusians, who have made a massive contribution to the development of the national science, culture, and art.