Commentary to Decree No. 37 of 3 February 2017

    Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko signed Decree No. 37 “Concerning the approval of the State Investment Program for 2017” on 3 February.

    In view of the investment capacity of the state budget, the program envisages the concentration of funds on the facilities commissioned in 2017 and on high-readiness construction objects.

    The amount of Br379.45 million, including Br110.48 million worth of state capital investments, Br110.09 million from the state targeted budget fund for national development, Br62.77 million from the Reserve Fund of the Belarusian President, Br54.41 million from the Belarusian Road Fund, Br41.7 million worth of the funds for the preservation and expansion of arable lands (amelioration objects), will be used to finance 91 objects included in the state program in 2017.

    Plans have been made to commission 34 facilities this year.

    In accordance with the program for 2017, the state will begin the financing of the construction (renovation) of 21 facilities, including a kindergarten with 190 places and a physical fitness and recreation center in Ostrovets, a roller ski track in Gorodok, a hall of residence for small families in Dobrush, nine residential houses for families bringing up orphans. Plans have been made to commission 14 facilities in 2017.