Commentary to Decree No. 307 of 8 July 2013

    On 8 July President of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko signed Decree No. 307 “Concerning measures to streamline the operation of law enforcement bodies in the Republic of Belarus”.

    The document includes a provision concerning the criminal investigation department of the Interior Ministry which was established by Decree No. 90 of 25 February 2013. “The decree also envisages reorganization of detention centers and detox facilities and their transformation into structural agencies of law enforcement bodies. Detox facilities have been renamed into specialized temporary detention centers in order to eliminate the negative associations by the previous name. The document determines the categories of persons who can be placed in these centers, the procedure of repaying relevant costs, the status of healthcare workers in such centers,” the press release of the press service reads.

    The Mogilev Higher College of the Interior Ministry of the Republic of Belarus has been renamed into the Mogilev Institute of the Interior Ministry of the Republic of Belarus. Therefore, the educational establishment has become the institution of higher learning.

    Taking into consideration the existing legislation, the decree specifies the functions and authorities of the Interior Ministry described in the provision concerning the Interior Ministry of the Republic of Belarus.

    Apart from that, the decree introduces certain amendments to a number of decrees. For example, the Interior Ministry’s sanatorium Belaya Rus has been renamed, the State Forensic Committee has been established. In particular, workers of the committee, including the retired, and members of their families can receive vouchers to the sanatorium Belaya Rus on an equal footing with workers of law enforcement bodies.