Commentary to Decree No. 281 of 27 June 2013

    On 27 June President of the Republic of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko signed Decree No. 281 “On putting down names of the winners of the 2012 competition on the National Honors Board”.

    The decree determined 62 winners of the 2012 competition. Of them 44 objects were awarded for the attainment of good results in the social and economic development, 18 objects were awarded in recognition of splendid achievements in resource saving.

    For hitting the targets of socio-economic development the decree awarded such regions and districts as Grodno Oblast and Minsk Oblast; Rechitsa District of Gomel Oblast and Molodechno District of Minsk Oblast, Pervomaisky District of the city of Minsk.

    The best manufacturing organizations are Mozyr Oil Refinery, Zhitkovichi Motor Building Plant, Mogilev Elevator Plant, Minsk Bakery; Minsk-based SZAO Fidmash, Molodechno-based household equipment repair plant.

    The best construction companies are Zaslavlstroyindustriya, Minsk-based construction enterprise No. 1 and Grodnopromstroy.

    The winners in the agricultural industry are Ostromechevo (Brest District), Ozery (Grodno District), Svityazyanka-2003 (Korelichi District), Snov agricultural company (Nesvizh District), Dembrovo (Shchuchin District), Zarya agricultural company (Mozyr District).

    The best forestry industry companies are Mogilev state forestry association, Starye Dorogy pilot forestry company.

    The following enterprises were awarded in the services sector:

    trading facilities Slutsk department store, affiliated company Bobruisk trading center, Minsk-based Minbakaleyatorg;

    communication companies Minsk and Grodno offices of Beltelecom Company;

    transport organizations Mogilev office of the Belarusian Railways, Beltranskonsalt in Brest;

    educational institutions the Slutsk processing industry college, gymnasium No. 1 in Lida, children’s music school of arts No. 10 named after Ye.A.Glebov in Minsk, the Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics;

    hotel business, public catering and other facilities the Yubileyny Hotel Complex, the Minsk Hotel, the Stolitsa Business Center in Minsk and the Mogilev-based laundry;

    cultural, recreation and entertainment facility the centralized system of children’s libraries in Minsk;

    healthcare organizations the Ivatsevichi central district hospital, the Mother and Child research center;

    scientific research organizations the Cardiology national research center, the Belarusian National Technical University, the BSU scientific research institute of physics and chemistry problems, etc.

    The decree also awarded those who reached splendid achievements in resource saving.