Commentary to Decree No. 220 of 16 May 2014

    President of the Republic of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko signed Decree No. 220 “Concerning the reconstruction of Dinamo Stadium in Minsk” on 16 May.

    The document envisages that Dinamo Stadium will be transformed into a track-and-field complex. It will be also possible to hold football matches there.

    The capital construction management of the Minsk City Council is a contractor; Minskproject is the general project organization. The reconstruction will be financed out of the Minsk budget. The project cost is about €150 million. The reconstruction will be finished in 2017.

    The reconstruction of the stadium will be done simultaneously with the development and approval of design specifications.

    Apart from that, the decree allows to use construction norms and rules similar to those applied in the Russian Federation and the European Union. It will not be necessary to harmonize the planning documentation with the norms and rules exiting in the Republic of Belarus.

    After the reconstruction Dinamo Stadium will receive the Category 1 certificate which will allow the stadium to host international track-and-field competitions.