Commentary to Decree No. 159 of 10 April 2014

    On 10 April President of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko signed Decree No. 159 “Concerning additions and amendments to Decree No. 41 of 21 January 2013 of the President of the Republic of Belarus” which aims to prevent the transfer of radionuclide to the territories adjacent to the Polesye State Radiation and Ecology Reserve.

    The document specifies the borders, total area and soil structure of the reserve’s protected area which will be located in Bragin District, Kalinkovichi District, Mozyr District, Narovlya District and Khoiniky District of Gomel Oblast. The total area of protected lands will be 27,755.1 hectares.

    The document prohibits hunting and commercial fishing, disposal of raw waste waters, clean cutting and other business activities which can damage the ecosystem of the reserve, change or deplete the species diversity.

    The decree shall enter into force after its official publication.