Commentary to Decree No. 141 of 2 April 2013

    On 2 April President of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko signed Decree No. 141 “Concerning the Polesye State University”.

    In line with the document, the university is no longer subordinate to the National Bank. It will be included in the system of the Education Ministry.

    The university will conduct professional training of specialists with higher education and scientists. The educational institution will be also involved in the scientific, technical and innovative activities aimed at developing the country’s banking system, the biotechnological sector, small and medium-sized innovative businesses in the Prityat Polesye region, promoting tourism, sport and information technologies.

    The decree will contribute to the improvement of the system of professional training and ensure further development of the Polesye State University as a unique scientific, innovative, educational and industrial complex in the system of the Education Ministry.
    The National Bank will continue financing the university’s program to train specialists for the banking sector.