Commentary do Decree No. 190 and Decree No. 191 of 15 April 2013

    On 15 April President of the Republic of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko signed Decree No. 190 “Concerning measures to stimulate high sports results”.

    The decree envisages a clear-cut mechanism to provide athletic scholarships and supervise the dynamics of sports results as a basis for further payments of athletic scholarships. The approach will serve as a measure of state support provided to the athletes who are gearing up for new tournaments. It will create favourable training conditions and encourage athletes to show excellent results at the Olympic, Paralympic, Deaflympic Games, world and European championships, other international sports competitions.

    The special interagency commission at the Sports and Tourism Ministry will annually revise the list of scholarship holders taking into account individual plans of training.

    The decree includes a provision regarding the order of allocation and payment of athletic scholarships of the President of Republic of Belarus and a provision concerning the order of giving monetary prizes to athletes and coaches.

    The decree enters into force in 1 May 2013.

    The head of state also signed Decree No. 191 “Concerning support of physical education and sports organizations”.

    The document introduces drastic changes to the approaches of supporting sports organizations and aims to optimize the mechanism of support. Government aid will be, first of all, provided to the clubs specializing in team sports included in the program of the Olympic Games. Financial assistance from all the sources envisaged by the decree will be provided only to the clubs whose teams compete in major leagues (extraleague in ice hockey).

    The funds provided to sports clubs by the companies with a government share of at least 50% in line with President’s decree No. 300 of 1 July 2005 will be considered state support.

    The decree stipulates that the clubs will have to inject at least 15% of issued support in the development of children and youth sport. This will help modernize sports schools, make coaches more motivated and organize competitive environment for students.

    The decree provides a number of mandatory conditions which will encourage sports clubs to increase returns on their own economic activities. The decree expands the range of entrepreneurial activities which can be performed by sports organizations without the need to set up commercial organizations. These measures are expected to raise the self-sufficiency of Belarusian sports clubs to at least 50% by 2015.

    The decree enters into force after its official publication and will be applied till 31 December 2015.