Comment on Decree No. 356 of 12 August 2013

    On 12 August President of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko signed Decree No. 356 to amend and expand Decree No. 181 “On organizing the operation of student labor teams in the Republic of Belarus” of 16 April 2012.

    In line with Decree No. 181 student labor teams can perform activities in the area of education, environmental protection, civil engineering, agriculture, and services from 1 May and through 30 September.

    The practice indicates that young Belarusians show an ever growing interest in working as student labor teams not only in summer but during the entire calendar year in time spared from studies (it is particularly true for student labor teams employed in construction industry).

    This is why in line with Decree No. 356 students will be enrolled for student labor teams from September till May with approval of the head of the education institution where the applicants study. The notion of the third labor semester (from 1 May till 30 September) is preserved as the most active period for student labor teams to work.

    Besides, the document envisages medical examinations for members of student labor teams and preventive vaccination to be performed by state healthcare institutions gratuitously in line with the procedure established by the legislation of the Republic of Belarus.

    The Decree has been passed with a view to improving the effectiveness of the organization of temporary jobs of young Belarusians in time spared from studies and the main job during the entire calendar year.