Christmas Greetings from the President of the Republic of Belarus to Orthodox Christians of Belarus

    Dear countrymen,

    I congratulate you on the Nativity of Christ.

    Over thousands of years this solemn celebration brings joy to millions of people, unites them around high and noble goals. The star of Bethlehem lights up the way for mercy and good, love and hopes for the future filled with mutual understanding and prosperity.

    Christmas is a family holiday celebrated in the circle of relatives and friends. Cautious attitude to Christmas traditions helps consolidate invisible ties between generations.

    May these joyous days inspire us on pious deeds, bring us good thoughts, warmth and good mood, strengthen faith and spiritual and moral values. May prosperity and understanding live in every family.

    I sincerely wish you health, happiness, peace, and success in everything you do.

    Aleksandr Lukashenko