Ceremony of laying time capsule at Minsk Mir construction site

  • 28

On 20 November Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko and Serbia President Tomislav Nikolic took part in the ceremony to lay a time capsule in the foundation of the experimental multi-purpose complex Minsk Mir.

Before the ceremony the heads of state had an informal meeting. In particular, they discussed the possibility to hold a meeting of the leaders of the former Yugoslavian republics in Belarus in 2016.

The President of Belarus expressed hope that the Serbian side will help Belarus organize this meeting. Tomislav Nikolic, in turn, said that certain steps in the organization of the meeting have been already taken. For example, this pertains to the participation of the presidents of Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia, and Montenegro. “The former Yugoslavia will be represented here, it will help our people live better. This is a great achievement of yours,” Tomislav Nikolic told the Belarusian leader.

Aleksandr Lukashenko suggested mulling over another project with the participation of the former Yugoslavian republics, and the President of Serbia praised the initiative. He believes it would be great to resume the joint manufacture of products.

The presidents also discussed the results of the three-day visit of Tomislav Nikolic to Belarus. As part of the visit the Serbian head of state held productive restricted-attendance and extended talks with the Belarusian leader. During the talks the two heads of state signed a joint statement in which they pointed out the commitment of the two countries to the principles of international law and determined trade and economic cooperation priorities.