Belarusian Zubrenok to host 92 Chinese children for recuperation

    Some 92 children from China have been invited to Belarus for recuperation and treatment at the Zubrenok education and recuperation center. The financing will be provided from the reserve fund of the Belarusian president. A corresponding executive order was signed by Aleksandr Lukashenko.

    During their stay in Belarus in July 2019, the children will be offered a diverse recuperation program and numerous entertainment activities in Minsk and regions.

    In accordance with the document, the fund will also sponsor the Minsk-Beijing-Minsk flight for 92 Belarusian children who will have a rest in China. Such a trip is organized for the first time as part of a memorandum of cooperation in child healthcare between the education ministries of Belarus and China as of 10 January 2019.

    The organization of recuperation and recreation will help strengthen social cooperation between the two countries.