Belarusian Written Language Day greetings

    My best wishes to you on the Belarusian Written Language Day hosted by the ancient town of Zaslavl this year.

    This holiday has turned into an important culture event. It serves to remind us that we need to protect and cherish the spiritual legacy of Belarus.

    Since the times of Euphrosyne of Polotsk and Kirill of Turov, the book has always been a source of inspiration for Belarusians, a solid foundation of their national identity. Literature cultivates good qualities in people and has a great impact on their lives and sometimes shapes their worldview.

    Today the Belarusian state vehemently supports the national information space and domestic book publishing with a view to consolidating the society and promoting moral values.

    I sincerely wish all the participants great health, well being, and new creative and professional achievements.