Belarus’ trade union movement marks 110th anniversary

    Dear compatriots,

    I cordially congratulate you on the 110th anniversary of the trade union movement in Belarus.

    Trade unions have always resolved issues that are important for life. Promotion of literacy, organization of social competitions, mobilization of workers in the rear during the wartime, restoration of the battered national economy were a small part of achievements of trade unions in the Soviet time. This period of history embodied the whole era – from the establishment of small trade unions which operated separately to the formation of the Belarusian Federation of Trade Unions.

    Today the federation protects and enhances glorious traditions of labor feats uniting more than four million people. It has real power to stand for the interests of workers and be a reliable associate of the state in resolving social and economic issues.

    Belarus is committed to developing social partnership, using collective and contractual regulation of labor relations. I am convinced that the authority of labor unions will be enhanced, the number of good deeds which prioritize the wellbeing of the Homeland will be multiplied.

    I wish health, new achievements, happiness and wellbeing to those who work hard for the benefit of the state.

    Aleksandr Lukashenko