Belarus-Russia Unity Day greetings

    Dear friends,

    I wish you a happy Belarus-Russia Unity Day!

    The time has proved the durability and continuity of the Belarusian-Russian friendship relying on the principles of equality, mutual respect, trust and support, historical unity and commitment to the same spiritual and moral values.

    By fulfilling the will of peoples, we are consistently building up the potential of the Union State. Minsk and Moscow are united by the efforts to implement a comprehensive set of measures of strategic importance aimed at the enhancement of sovereignty and robust development of our countries.

    A wide range and depth of interaction made it possible to call the Union State the locomotive of integration processes in the post-Soviet space.

    Belarus and Russia have joined efforts to explore outer space, build nuclear power plants, implement projects in microelectronics and aircraft engineering, promote unique high-tech research.

    But the main achievement of our countries is the quality of rights of citizens, social guarantees, payment of pensions, job opportunities and university admission procedures.

    I am convinced that the commitment of Belarusians and Russians to unity will serve as a solid foundation for the further expansion of versatile and mutually beneficial cooperation, development of the strong, reputable and prosperous Union State.

    I wish you good health, happiness, wellbeing and peace.

    Chairman of the Supreme State Council of the Union State, President of the Republic of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko