Belarus President’s speech at parade in honor of 75th anniversary of Belarus’ liberation and Independence Day

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Memory of those, who fought during the Great Patriotic War, is part of the national self-awareness of Belarusians. Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko made the relevant statement during the parade held on 3 July in honor of Independence Day and the 75th anniversary of Belarus’ liberation from the Nazi invaders.

Aleksandr Lukashenko stressed that today Belarus solemnly celebrates the key state holiday – Independence Day. The President remarked that this day restored peace to the land tormented by the Nazi occupation back in 1944. This day demonstrated the enduring force of the Soviet people, of the Belarusians, who fought for their freedom to the death.

“The final battles for the capital city of our motherland – Minsk – thundered here exactly 75 years ago. It was a victory over death itself. It was a triumph of unity and the force of the spirit of the great generation of warriors-liberators,” the head of state said. “Today we once again recall all, who heroically stopped the aggressor’s strike. This memory is part of our national self-awareness.”

Year after year on 3 July the Belarusian nation particularly acutely feels heroic episodes of the Great Patriotic War, Aleksandr Lukashenko stated. “We live through every fact anew as if we had been the ones to shed the last drop of blood in defense of the Brest Fortress and the Buinichi field, as if we had been the ones to die in the death camp Trostenets and the children concentration camp Krasny Bereg, as if we had died in fire in Khatyn and crossed the Dnieper Line,” the President said.

He reminded that Belarus was the first to feel the blow of the invaders. Belarus became the human shield standing in their way. Not a single patch of native land was given up without a fight. The enemy faced resistance from the first minutes of the war. Although Belarus was destroyed and occupied, it remained unconquered, the head of state pointed out.