State of the Nation Address by Belarus President

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Belarusian people passed through trials and created its own state, Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko said in his State of the Nation Address on 19 April.

“The Republic of Belarus emerged on the map of the world almost two decades ago. Upon gaining independence, it was building and developing in terms of complex geopolitical, economic, social and regional transformations. Belarus was under close attention of the global community. They were keeping an eye on us and evaluating us. Sometimes they pinned labels and put us in the conditions of economic and political blockade. However, through the thorns of sanctions and challenges of global crises we have reached our goals. We have created our own country in the center of Europe. Belarus is a peace-loving, stable and very beautiful country. This is a country for life,” the head of state said.

The President remarked that a new diplomatic course of external interaction had been building within a rather short period of time. Belarus initiated and took an active part in Eurasian integration projects. “Belarus remained neutral in relation to familiar global and regional conflicts. We summoned the global community to establish a new multilateral dialogue in order to enhance measures of trust, security and cooperation,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said. “We took a firm position in the modern geopolitical system. While developing relations with our strategic allies and foreign partners in various parts of the planet, we did not take a step a aside from the principles of making independent decisions with regard to our own national interests and the interests of other nations, first of all, our neighbors.”

The head of state remarked that the tradition to deliver the annual State of the Nation Address was enshrined in the Constitution of Belarus 25 years ago. “In the year which marks the anniversary of our Fundamental Law we are having a meeting in these familiar and renovated surroundings [the renovated Oval Hall of the Seat of Government]. Our political history was made in this room. This is the history of building an independent state relying on the principles of continuity, justice and equality before the law, a state which is always ready to evolve and keep up with the times,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

In his words, at the end of the 20th century the Oval Hall witnessed the change of eras, was in the heart of events which changed the fate of the Belarusian nation in a drastic way and became a starting point in the recent history of the country. “The Constitution of Belarus was developed and passed here. This fundamental document is the pinnacle of Belarusian statehood from its ancient roots and the eagerness of our ancestors to make a statement as an accomplished nation to the formation of our own state on a piece of land which legitimately belongs to us,” he said.