Belarus President receives credentials of foreign ambassadors

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Belarus aims for dialogue with all partners without pressure and double standards, Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko said during a ceremony to receive the credentials of the ambassadors of foreign states in Minsk on 25 September.

“We are not making a choice between East and West. We are striving to build equal political and mutually beneficial economic relations with all partners without exception. We aim for dialogue without pressure or coercion, double standards and interference in the internal affairs of sovereign states,” the Belarusian leader noted.

The credentials were handed over to the Belarusian President by the ambassadors of Argentina, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, India, Jordan, Iraq, Mexico, Panama, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Sudan.

Aleksandr Lukashenko welcomed the ambassadors to the hospitable Belarus, congratulated them on the beginning of a new phase in their diplomatic careers and first official working day in the status of Heads of Mission in Belarus. “Belarus is a European state that values its sovereignty and that has been consistently implementing a peaceful multifaceted foreign policy. Our approaches are well known. Belarusians are committed to freedom and independence, unity and harmony, creativity and progress,” the President noted.

Being a strong opponent of confrontation and a donor of security in the region, Belarus advocates peaceful conflict resolution and has been persistently working to expand the circle of the like-mined, the head of state emphasized.

Only by combining efforts, we can ensure normal, comfortable coexistence of states and achieve the long-awaited peace. It is this logic we were guided by when we suggested launching a new wide-ranging discussion on the European and international security. It, by analogy with the Helsinki, aims to resolve the accumulated contradictions between the states in the vast Euro-Atlantic and Eurasian space,” the Belarusian leader said.

According to Aleksandr Lukashenko, Belarus has chosen the path of evolutionary market reforms to avoid painful shocks for people. Thanks to the systemic measures to ease administrative procedures, eliminate unnecessary barriers and restrictions, the conditions for business and self-realization of citizens have been improving in the country. The market principles are coupled with a socially responsible policy. Significant efforts are being made to ensure employment of the population, access to education, healthcare service, social security and to raise their level.

"The state focuses on the person with his needs, concerns, worries and hopes. We are proud that the power in Belarus is not separated from the people. I have no doubt that you will see many examples that will confirm my words during the period of your tenure," the President said.

The President emphasized that Belarus is ready to share the experience of transformations in economy and other sectors and is open to borrowing the best foreign practices. "Belarus will always be a responsible, predictable and reliable partner for you," Aleksandr Lukashenko noted.

On relations with Russia

“Perhaps, it is now needless to speak about the importance of our brotherly Russia for Belarus. It is our strategic ally. Relying on the historical unity, we join efforts to create a decent future for our brotherly nations, cherish our common values, develop integration processes in the Union State, the Eurasian Economic Union and other associations,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

The President remarked that Belarus and Russia have made remarkable achievements in ensuring the equality of people’s rights, in the economic integration and promotion of common interests in the international arena.

“I strongly hope that the new Russian ambassador will do his best to multiply our achievements, give a new impetus to our interaction across the board. Besides, I have recently had very substantial negotiation with Russia President Vladimir Putin. We have reached agreements on all issues on the agenda. I am convinced that you have enough tools for it and, as the President told me, very wide authorities,” the head of state stressed when receiving credentials of Mikhail Babich, the new ambassador of Russia to Belarus.

On cooperation with Hungary

“We maintain the atmosphere of trust and respect with Hungary. We value the support of your country regarding the abolition of the EU sanctions imposed on Belarus. We remember that and are very grateful to you. I suppose that the time has come to advance our bilateral contacts,” Aleksandr Lukashenko remarked.

He emphasized that the Belarusian side is interested in it.

On bolstering dialogue with Bosnia and Herzegovina

“We are prepared for the further enhancement of cooperation with Bosnia and Herzegovina. Now we need to reap economic dividends from the increasingly vibrant political dialogue. The expansion of trade and joint projects will help a lot,” the head of state is convinced.

On potential of Belarus-Portugal relations

Receiving credentials of the ambassador of Portugal, the President said that Belarus sees a huge potential for building up bilateral cooperation.

“We are interested in the balanced growth of bilateral trade, increase in the volume of Belarusian products on your market. By establishing close contacts between our governments and in business, we will be able to address these issues,” he said.

On joint projects with India

Aleksandr Lukashenko also hopes that the ambassador of India is interested in the comprehensive bilateral dialogue. “The agreements reached at the highest level create unique opportunities for the implementation of new joint projects in the manufacturing sector, infrastructure development, investment activities,” the Belarusian leader said.

“It is good that we know these projects and have agreed on them. Now we need to start them. We will do our best to implement these projects in the Eurasian space, first of all, in the best interests of India and our state,” the President emphasized.

On projects of cooperation with Saudi Arabia

“Saudi Arabia is a promising partner for Belarus. The countries are successfully developing cooperation in science and technology,” the head of state said.

In his words, it is essential to focus on mutually beneficial trade and investments taking into account the structure of the economies. “Sincerely speaking, I believe that the next year should be the year of our relations. A corresponding instruction was given to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I would like you to join efforts with us to reach this goal,” the Belarusian leader told the ambassador of Saudi Arabia.

On expanding ties with Iraq and Jordan

“There are good opportunities for deepening economic contacts with Iraq and Jordan. We hope that the ambassadors will help the business circles to establish and expand ties in the manufacturing sector, food production, agriculture. Your countries know about the quality of Belarusian products,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

On opening of Sudan’s embassy

Addressing the ambassador of Sudan, the President said: “We view the opening of the embassy of your republic in Minsk as an important political gesture and the commitment of the Sudanese side to stepping up efforts in the implementation of the agreements which were reached during my visit to Khartoum a year ago,” the head of state said.

He encouraged the diplomat to use a strong industrial and agrarian potential of Belarus to solve issues of particular importance for the government and people of Sudan.

On practical benefits from dialogue with Argentina

Aleksandr Lukashenko also welcomed the ambassador of Latin American countries. He stressed that Belarus pays much attention to the enhancement of all-round contacts with this region.

“We hope to preserve the positive dynamics and get practical benefits from the dialogue with Argentina. We must properly use the existing potential, step up efforts in regional integration associations, first of all, in Mercosur and the EAEU that our countries are part of,” the President said.

On bolstering relations with Mexico

“We believe it is important to bolster relations with Mexico. As far as I know, there are good preconditions for improving relations in trade, investment and other areas,” the head of state said.

He encouraged the ambassador of Mexico to step up efforts to develop bilateral relations on mutually beneficial conditions.

On building ties with Panama

Belarus also views Panama as a promising partner in the region. “We are interested in building efficient ties with your country, establishing intensive cooperation in various fields,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

In conclusion, the President expressed confidence that the new ambassadors to Belarus will have many ideas and plans regarding the enhancement of all-round cooperation. “Good initiatives will be supported at the highest level,” the head of state assured.