Belarus President awards scholarships talented young scientists

    The President of Belarus has awarded scholarships to talented young scientists in 2016. Aleksandr Lukashenko signed corresponding decree No. 211 on 21 December.

    The scholarships have been assigned to 92 young scientists, including 5 doctors of science under 45, 52 PhDs under 35 and 35 young scientists without a degree under 30. Among them there are representatives of physics-mathematical, technical, chemical, biological, medical, agricultural, economic, legal, geological and mineralogical, social sciences and humanities.

    The scholarship holders have achieved significant results in the priority areas of fundamental and applied researches that have scientific and practical value. Their scientific achievements are used in the activities of industrial enterprises, organizations of various sectors of the economy and the Belarusian social institutions. The novelty of many researches is confirmed by many patents and publications in the leading national and international scientific journals.

    The press service noted that the adoption of the decree is a testament of the support of talented young scientists and development of the scientific potential of Belarus.