Belarus President approves State Investment Program for 2018

    Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko has approved the State Investment Program for 2018.

    In view of the investment capacities of the state budget, the program envisages the concentration of funds on the facilities commissioned in 2018 and on the projects nearing completion.

    The funds to be allocated for 101 facilities listed in the 2018 state program will total Br429.17 million, including Br81.92 million worth of state capital investments, Br162.08 million from the state targeted budget fund for national development, Br81.48 million from the Reserve Fund of the Belarus President, Br42.76 million from the Belarusian Road Fund, Br37.53 million out of the funds for the preservation and expansion of arable lands.

    All in all, 34 facilities are to be commissioned in 2018.

    In accordance with the 2018 program, the state will start financing the construction (renovation) of 30 facilities, including a kindergarten for 230 students, a secondary school for 765 students, a children’s art center and a multifunctional sports center in Ostrovets, a fire station in Brest, a bridge over the Pripyat River on highway P88 between Zhitkovichi and the Ukrainian border, and eight residential houses for families bringing up children left without parental care. Plans have been made to commission 13 facilities in 2018.