Belarus introduces mechanism of local budget spending in agriculture

    Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko signed Decree No.462 on 16 December to amend Decree No.347 of 17 July 2014 “Concerning the state agricultural policy”.

    A mechanism was introduced in Belarus to plan local budget spending on the implementation of agro-industrial measures. 50% of the funds are distributed in accordance with the area of agricultural lands in the relevant region, taking into account their cadastral value and 50% - in accordance with the proceeds from the sale of agricultural products, taking into account its increase by 10% in the districts of the relevant region, which are unfavorable for the production of agricultural products.

    The amendments also provide for the possibility of financing the purchase of modern machinery and equipment produced both in the EAEU and abroad for agricultural educational institutions, and carrying out cultural and technical activities on non-meliorated agricultural lands with the help of local budgets.