Aleksandr Lukashenko visits OAO BelAZ

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On 8 October President of the Republic of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko paid a visit to OAO BelAZ – a managing company of BelAZ Holding Company.

The head of state ws informed about the organizational and technological structure of the holding company, financial and economic state, development prospects of the enterprise.

BelAZ Holding was set up in 2012 for the sake of optimizing the management of the industrial group. The group comprises OAO BelAZ, which is the management company of the BelAZ Holding company, SZAO Mogilev Railway Car Building Plant, OAO BelAZ Service, OAO Starodorozhski Mechanical Works, OAO Kuzlitmash, OAO Slutsk Lifting-and-Conveying Machines Plant.

Aleksandr Lukashenko was informed about the investment projects that each enterprise is implementing and about their estimated efficiency. The financial and economic situation of the holding company was also in the center of attention. At present the holding company’s profitability exceeds 14%.

Apart from that, the Belarus President was informed about the investment projects, which are being implemented, in particular, by Minsk Motor Plant, Belarusian Steel Works, and woodworking industry enterprises. The pace of renewal of the basic assets of Belarusian production sector enterprises was also discussed as well as innovation and investment efforts in the national production sector.

During the visit the head of state took part in the launch of the company’s shop for manufacturing super heavy vehicles. A presentation of the BelAZ mine dump truck with the carrying capacity of 450 tonnes took place. The head of state went for a test ride on the new dump truck at the testing field.

During the visit to OAO BelAZ Aleksandr Lukashenko was made familiar with the company’s business operation and development plans.

The head of state also talked to he personnel of BelAZ.

The President said that the previous scheme for paying for sickness leaves may be restored.

“We can return to what we had once,” said the head of state. “But we shouldn’t hurry. Let’s see what we can get out of the new scheme. If it harms people and the social policy, then we will scrap it”.

Aleksandr Lukashenko suggested that employers may consider rendering financial aid to their sick employees. The employers know who needs the aid, said the President.

The President pointed out the crisis situation in the global economy. In his words, Belarus should look good once the crisis is over: “We didn’t stop when the time was hard. We earn our living with the real sector of the economy instead of gas and oil. And once the crisis is over, we will look decent”.

“You are shouting that prices are too high. Well, then I start pressuring for lower prices. But then prices become low while salaries are overinflated. You know the consequences well. But what concerns me most is what you spend the spare rubles on. You rush to buy foreign currency. And then the nation wonders whether we are going to get devaluation or not. If we are, you will be the ones doing it”.

Aleksandr Lukashenko also talked about shuttle traders. “You buy imported apparel because the quality of Belarusian merchandise is worse, you say. But it is not the point. The border service tells me that some people cross the border 700 times. What do they do abroad? They buy foreign currency that we earn and spend it abroad to buy rags. Yes, the European Union will be glad to dump all that rubbish for $3 billion,” said the Belarusian head of state.

The President asked Belarusians to look at things from a wider angle. “It is important for me to see people with bright eyes, satisfied people, people who live a good life. I don’t need anything, I just want you to live good lives,” said Aleksandr Lukashenko.

The President also spoke about the state’s efforts to support families with children. A project to support families with children "Big Family” is under development in Belarus.

According to the President, various ways to support families with children are being considered. One of them is the opening of an account to which funds will be credited for the birth of a child. It is planned that this amount will be increased considerably if a family has another baby.

Today families with many children have considerable government support, in particular free housing, Aleksandr Lukashenko reminded.

“We need to support families in any way possible and encourage them to have three children. Children are important. If we do not have enough population, then there is no talking about independence,” the President said.

Aleksandr Lukashenko noted that in terms of birth rate Belarus has already gained some good results. According to him, next year the country will reach the zero ratio of the mortality and birth rates.