Aleksandr Lukashenko visits nature museum at Pripyatsky national park

    The nature museum at the Pripyatsky national park was opened as part of the second festival of ethnocultural traditions Zov Polesia (Call of Polesie), which was visited by President of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko on 25 August.

    The museum consists of eight halls. Its expositions tell about the history of Polesie, natural complexes, waterways and its geological features.

    Addressing the participants and guests of the festival, the head of state noted that “the new museum is beautiful and modern and will attract a lot of attention in the future”. According to the President, the museum will be another source of income for the Pripyatsky national park, an education center for young people and an interesting place to learn more about Polesie.

    Partaking in the second festival of ethnocultural traditions were folk groups and artisans from eight districts of Gomel Oblast and three districts of Brest Oblast along with hundreds of honored guests from abroad. The festival featured performances by both amateur musicians and famous artists from Gomel and Brest Oblasts. Participating in the festival were professional Belarusian singers.

    The major goal of the festival is to preserve and promote ethnic and cultural traditions of Pripyat Polesie which are part of the Belarusian cultural heritage. The first festival was held in September 2010. Partaking in the event were nearly 5,500 people.