Aleksandr Lukashenko visits children’s rehabilitation center Praleska 

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Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko and his youngest son Nikolai have visited the children’s medical rehabilitation center Praleska in the run-up to New Year.

The head of state toured residential premises and medical facilities of the center. The President had a cordial conversation with children, wished them Happy New Year and gave presents, like table games, home decorations and sweets, including a huge New Year cake. Another surprise was a new home theater on which children will be able to watch their favorite cartoons and fairy tales.

Aleksandr Lukashenko took part in a children’s New Year party and danced together with little patients of the center. Artists of the Belarusian State Circus presented a show.

The children wished Happy New Year to the President and handed over a gift on behalf of Minsk children. One girl gave Aleksandr Lukashenko her picture depicting a magical bird.

The center opened in 1987 as a healthcare farm for children with digestion and respiratory diseases. In 2005 it was renamed into the municipal children’s center of medical rehabilitation Praleska. The renovation of the physical infrastructure has recently been completed there.

The 180-bed center has three departments for children suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, diseases of the respiratory system and vision impairments. The center has a pump-room with mineral water from a local spring, a speleotherapy room, a dentist’s office, an ophthalmological office, as well as playgrounds where children can play tennis and other sports, and do exercise therapy.