Aleksandr Lukashenko attends national graduation ball for university students

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University graduates should embrace their future in Belarus instead of seeking illusive fortune abroad. Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko made the statement at the national ball for graduates of higher education institutions on 27 June.

“You should definitely embrace your future in Belarus. Don’t seek illusive fortune abroad. You can be truly happy only in your native land among your friends and loved ones. The outstanding philosopher Voltaire used to say that people often go to faraway lands to find what they have at home,” said the head of state.

“You will be able to stay confident about your future. The sovereign and independent Belarus is a young state and offers ample opportunities to apply your energy and skills,” Aleksandr Lukashenko told the graduates.

The head of state remarked that higher education certificates and the solid knowledge that goes with them open up great prospects before the graduates. “Endeavor, create, set ambitious goals before you and try to attain them. Don’t be passive and don’t be afraid of routine difficulties. Be brave and confident in your advancement. Then success and recognition of your peers will attend you,” said the President.

Aleksandr Lukashenko also underlined that university-degree specialists are people, on whose skills and energy hinges the wellbeing of the state and the society to a large degree as well as the development of the economy, culture, and other spheres of life. “Engineers and process managers, agronomists and economists, pedagogues and medics, lawyers, reporters — our country needs all of you. Now the key thing is diligence and labor, adherence to the way you have chosen, accumulation of professional mastery. Show in practice what you have been taught. And remember that a good beginning of your occupational biography is a way to success in your career and the entire life,” said the head of state.

“On its part the state intends to enable favorable conditions for the evolution of young specialists, improvement of their qualification and career advancement. Therefore, take an active part in the modernization of the economy, the development and assimilation of cutting-edge technologies, the implementation of promising social and cultural ideas,” noted the President.

Aleksandr Lukashenko also urged to remember and take good care of the great accomplishments of the past generations by stressing the heroic history of the Belarusian nation. “We are on the eve of a fateful date — the 70thanniversary of Belarus’ liberation from the Nazi invaders. Thanks to unbelievable selflessness and courage the generation of victors brought peace and tranquility not only to the Belarusian land. They freed entire Europe and the mankind from Nazi slavery,” said the head of state. “Not every nation has such a great victory. Therefore, we must always remember and venerate the deeds of war and labor veterans, who protected the country from the enemy and revived it from ruins and ashes. Not content with remembering, we should be worthy of their deeds. We should continue the traditions of love and service to our fatherland”.

“Strive for success and remember that a strong and prosperous country is our common legacy. Only through joint efforts we will be able to build a happy future for our dear Belarus,” stressed the Belarusian leader.

The Belarus President thanked rectors of universities and professors for their worthy students, into whose education they had poured so much pedagogical effort. “I wish your new accomplishments and revelations. May the best traditions of Belarusian higher education prosper,” said the head of state.

As part of the solemn ceremony Aleksandr Lukashenko presented certificates of the Belarus  president’s gratitude for academic excellence and active participation in social life to the ten best university graduates.