Official meeting to mark 100th anniversary of Belarusian police

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Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko attended the official meeting to mark the 100thanniversary of Belarusian police on 3 March. The head of state congratulated workers and veterans of law enforcement bodies on their professional holiday and the important anniversary, spoke about the efficiency of the work of law enforcement agencies, and outlined future prospects.

From February Revolution to turbulent 1990s

According to the head of state, the history of law enforcement bodies is the heroic chronicle of the selfless and honest service to the Fatherland of many generations of people. “Founded in the period of the February revolutionary transformations of 1917, the Belarusian police did their best to enhance the authority and acquire nationwide support. The first policemen returning from the battlefields of World War I and the Civil War became the reliable protectors of people and the real threat for criminals,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

He stressed that in spite of the difficulties and hardships, former workers, peasants, and soldiers did their best to eradicate crimes in the country weakened by the Civil War and destruction.

During the Great Patriotic War and in the difficult post-war time, Belarusian policemen acquired the unfading glory. In fact, Belarusian law enforcement agencies were considered the most efficient bodies in the system of the Interior Ministry of the Soviet Union.

“The new era in the history of our police started with the formation of sovereign and independent Belarus. The first years of its development were clouded by the devastating collapse of the economy and degradation in all areas of life. Enterprises did not work, there was mass unemployment, people did not have money and fell in poverty,” the President remarked. “All that was accompanied by rampant crime and the weakness of authorities. That was the state of affairs in the turbulent 1990s.”

“The Belarusian nation needed protection, a strong shoulder. And you managed to restore people’s confidence in the future, ensure the public order, and rebuild the authority of the state,” the Belarusian leader stressed.

Public order relies on honesty

The President remarked that being in the center of the country’s everyday concerns, the police play an active role in the resolution of the most urgent and topical problems. Workers of the Interior Ministry proved that they can act in a resolute, well-coordinated, professional, and courageous way to protect people.

“Policemen have to deal with specific and difficult tasks. They ensure the wellbeing of our citizens, which is very important, and the strength of the entire state, the sustainability of the economy, and the inviolability of the legal foundations of the country,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

He underlined that the work of law enforcement agencies is always in the focus of public attention: the higher the prestige of the Interior Ministry, the stronger the respect for the rule of law and the stronger the faith of ordinary citizens in justice.

“You have enough authorities for the fulfillment of the tasks and are responsible for what you are doing. Belarusian people want public order in their country. But public order relies on honesty. Therefore, policemen should be impeccable from the professional and personal points of view,” the President said. “This is a high standard, but every policeman should know that it is essential to respect people’s dignity and good reputation when protecting their lives and rights.”

“People should know that you will always help and support them. They should know that the state will do its bets to protect their rights and legal interests using the power given to you by people. People’s trust is the most objective evaluation of the efficiency of law enforcement agencies,” the head of state is convinced.

At the same time, Aleksandr Lukashenko stated that people often blame police if something happens. However, there is an advantage in it: it means that people know that police will always offer a helping hand in difficult situations.

According to the President, the workers of law enforcement agencies should respond to criticism in a calm manner; they should do their best to prove that they are truly people’s police. “People realize that you are the pillar security and the country that we cherish today,” the head of state emphasized.

Among world leaders in terms of safety

As we objectively evaluate the performance of the Belarusian Interior Ministry these days, we can say that Belarusian police ensure the proper level of public security in the country and stay on top of the situation, Aleksandr Lukashenko remarked.

He is convinced that Belarusian policemen can prevent the growth of the crime rate, protect the society and every citizen from criminal assaults.

“The country’s guests are delighted by Belarus’ natural and man-made beauty. They also highly appreciate tranquility, order, and security in Belarusian cities, towns and villages. Belarus is among top ten world’s safest countries. Not all the developed countries can boast such an opinion. Safety is the main thing for any citizen of any state,” the head of state said.

Still no reason for self-complacency

The accomplishments should not be the reason for self-complacency, the Belarusian leader stressed. It is still needed to address such negative phenomena as corruption, drug trade, criminalization of the economy, illegal migration, etc.

Some kinds of crimes are becoming vividly international and transnational. Local criminals are involved in the international drug trade, illegal car sales. Cybercrimes are an international malady.

“Economic and financial crimes involving false bankruptcy, concealment of earnings, tax evasion become more and more dangerous. It is essential to step up efforts to protect our people, ensure their personal and financial security,” Aleksandr Lukashenko stressed.

Responsibility for stable development of Belarus

The head of state remarked that the program of Belarus’ development was adopted at the 5th All-Belarusian People’s Congress. Its implementation will rely on the resolute steps of law enforcement agencies to maintain the public order and social stability.

“I am convinced that you have enough civil maturity and administrative resources for the prevention of crimes. We must do it. No on will do it for us. Our success directly depends on the good coordination of efforts, on the ability to analyze the situation, make right and balanced decisions,” the President said.

He emphasized that the Interior Ministry and all law enforcement agencies are responsible for Belarus’ security and stable development.

“Today there should be no illusions: all attempts to divide our society and destabilize the situation or put pressure on us will fail. But those willing to try will not become fewer, neither in a day nor in a year. You see what is happening around. The world has gone mad. Envy or misunderstanding of what is happening in our country push many to instigate similar behavior in Belarus. We must not fall on our knees. We must defend our country and people. And I am sure that we will do it. We will always have an adequate response to any provocations,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.