Aleksandr Lukashenko signs Directive No. 8 to develop construction industry

    Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko has signed Directive No. 8 “On the priorities of developing the construction industry”.

    The document has included decisions made at the nationwide conference on 23 November 2018 and the president’s instructions concerning the resolution of pending issues in the construction industry and making it more efficient. Major provisions of the Directive aim to ensure the observation of construction terms, including in housing construction, maintain an average cost of one square meter of housing build with the state support at the level of the average salary, reduce the period of waiting for housing construction to one year for families with many children.

    The Directive aims to promote the development of satellite towns and the construction of rented housing, ensure comprehensive development of populated places, improve the preparation of planning documents, make construction organizations more efficient and competitive on external markets.

    The document also aims to raise the level of production, technological, executive and repayment discipline in the construction industry, reduce the number of administrative procedures and facilitate their application at all stages of construction, apply information technologies in design and construction works, create favorable economic and social conditions for people working in the industry.

    The systematic fulfillment of resolutions will help improve the construction industry, meet the demand of the national economy for high-quality construction products, give affordable housing to people. Constriction terms and costs, material and energy intensity will be reduced. Plans have also been made to manufacture more high-quality competitive products and boost the export potential.