Aleksandr Lukashenko sends greetings to Belarusian Union of Journalists

    President of the Republic of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko has sent his best greetings to the Belarusian Union of Journalists which celebrates its 55th anniversary.

    “In recognition of the many-year productive work our creative union deserves to be a respectable public association of the country. The organization holds a principled and straightforward position in protecting professional interests of the journalists’ community, proving true and accurate information to people, strengthening of the independence of our state,” the message of greetings reads.

    According to the head of state, throughout its history the Belarusian Union of Journalists cherished the best traditions of Belarusian journalism. “You promote the economic progress of the country, help it ensure social justice, contribute to the patriotic education of Belarusian citizens, bolster morality and spirituality in the society,” the President believes.

    Aleksandr Lukashenko wished health, creative success, inspiration and fulfillment of all ideas, further productive work for the benefit of the Fatherland to the veterans and members of the association.