Aleksandr Lukashenko sends Belarusian Science Day greetings to scientists

    President of the Republic of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko has sent greetings to scientists, workers of research institutes and universities as they celebrate Belarusian Sciences Day.

    “High professionalism and productive work of Belarusian scientists are appreciated not only in our state but also abroad. Creative and intellectual potential of the scientific and pedagogical community is one of the crucial elements of the country’s innovative development,” the message of greetings reads.

    “Science must serve the society as the achievements of the society rely on your achievements. The most important avenue is the scientific support of modernization of existing production facilities and establishment of new companies. The results of work of Belarusian researchers should be used in all industries of the national economy and the social sector,” the head of state remarked.

    The President believes that constant work with young scientists is needed for the preservation and strengthening of Belarusian scientific schools. “I am convinced that your knowledge and experience will help generate excellent results and contribute to the vigorous development of Belarus,” Aleksandr Lukashenko emphasized.

    The President wished health, inspired work, happiness and wellbeing to Belarusian scientists.