Aleksandr Lukashenko sends anniversary greetings to Vitebsk Oblast

    Dear residents of Vitebsk Oblast,

    I cordially congratulate you on the 75th anniversary of the establishment of Vitebsk Oblast.

    You can be rightly proud of your ancient and wonderful region, glorious pages of its history, genuinely priceless monuments of architecture and art. During a long period of time people in Belarus and abroad knew your region as the birthplace of many outstanding people who glorified our Homeland.

    Nowadays Vitebsk Oblast performs active modernization of promising industries such as petrochemistry, machine-tool construction, manufacture of construction materials, flax fiber, foodstuffs. Towns and villages are been modernized. At the same time, the region cherishes spiritual and cultural traditions of people. Sustainable and dynamic development was made possible thanks to hardworking people and their selfless service to the native land.

    I am convinced that you will further contribute to the wellbeing and prosperity of Belarus.

    I wish you health, peace, happiness and every labor and creative success.

    Aleksandr Lukashenko