Aleksandr Lukashenko meets with State Secretary of Security Council Alexander Mezhuyev

    The Belarusian army will have to undergo a surprise inspection. Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko gave the instruction on 16 January as he heard out a report from State Secretary of the Security Council Alexander Mezhuyev.

    The head of state said: “We have not been trying to hide our intention to seriously examine our armed forces at some time. Even despite the fact that the Belarusian army did well last year — credit where credit is due and I’ve talked about it already — and the minister did a lot. Nevertheless, no one is untouchable in Belarus. We should test the readiness to act in any situation at any time, especially the readiness of uniformed personnel”.

    Aleksandr Lukashenko reminded that he had given instructions to work out proposals for an unannounced inspection of the army and individual military units. “It should not be done pro forma. It should be done very seriously. We are not doing it for the sake of showing off and we don’t have the money to show off,” noted the President.

    “Therefore, with these guidelines in mind I would like to hear what and how we are going do. Naturally the conversation has to be private because no one in the army should know the details. All the materials and the decisions, which are going to be made today and later on prior to the inspection, should be absolutely confidential,” stressed Aleksandr Lukashenko.

    State Secretary of the Security Council Alexander Mezhuyev informed the head of state about the Belarusian army’s planned unexpected inspection, which had been prepared in line with the previous instructions.