Aleksandr Lukashenko meets with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov

    There are no big issues in the bilateral cooperation on the highest level and the level of the foreign ministries, President of the Republic of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko said as he met with Foreign Minister of Russia Sergei Lavrov on 16 June.

    The President remarked that the bilateral program set to run for 2014-2015 is being implemented smoothly and on schedule. “I am convinced that it will be materialized the way it should be taking into consideration that we are brotherly states. We are handling the existing issues calmly,” the head of state said.

    “I think that we need to discuss our relations within the framework of the UnionState in the near future, maybe at the beginning of autumn. I think that the governments should convene and hold a session of the Council of Ministers at a minimum, in order to settle some issues, in particular, those related to the Eurasian Economic Union,” the President noted. “I think the this meeting of the two governments will give a signal to the third party to have a same-level discussion of some issues that might arise by autumn in the context of the operation of the new economic union,” he added.

    Aleksandr Lukashenko believes that the ongoing visit of the Russian Foreign Minister is very timely. “This meeting is well-timed considering numerous problems around us. We need to reconcile our positions,” the President said. He emphasized that he is ready to discuss any matters and make decisions if needed.