Aleksandr Lukashenko meets with Belarus’ Development Bank chief Sergei Rumas

    On 8 April President of the Republic of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko met with Chairman of the Board of OAO Development Bank of the Republic of Belarus Sergei Rumas.

    The President was informed about the Bank’s performance, efforts to finance government programs and take over assets from state-run banks. Apart from that, Aleksandr Lukashenko was interested in the fulfillment of the instructions issued when Sergei Rumas was appointed head of the Bank.

    Aleksandr Lukashenko has approved the fundamental positions of the strategy of the bank till 2015.

    The head of state drew attention to the social responsibility of the Bank as a profitable business. The President pointed out that every major organization in Belarus should carry out social projects, not only the Bank. This is why Aleksandr Lukashenko instructed the Development Bank to go ahead with the School Bus project. The project is aimed at resolving the problem of transporting children to and from schools in rural areas within five years. This year the Bank will finance the purchase of 60 buses or ten per every oblast. According to Sergei Rumas, the Development Bank will approach the matter in an integrated manner by arranging bus driver training, too. The head of state approved of the idea of hiring only women to be the bus drivers because women unemployment in rural areas is a major problem. Apart from that, as drivers women tend to be much more careful than men, which is important for children transportation.

    It is planned that by the end of the year yellow buses made by Minsk Automobile Plant will be made available to deliver rural kids from small populated localities to major agro-towns where schools are.

    The operation of the Eurasian Economic Commission was discussed as well. Sergei Rumas is the member of the Eurasian Economic Commission Council representing Belarus. He said that the work on future integration directions is about to complete and the EEC Council will consider them on 21 April. After the collegial discussion in the EEC the directions will be forwarded to the governments of the three countries. After that coordinated proposals will be presented before the heads of state at the session of the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council on 29 May. Aleksandr Lukashenko approved of the initiative proposals of Belarus and urged to accelerate the work on the Eurasian Economic Union treaty.

    Apart from that, the head of state was interested in the operation of the Belarusian Football Federation, of which Sergei Rumas is the chairman. The President was informed about the launch of the 23rd national championship that uses a new formula. Changes in the number of Kazakhstan and Russia nationals regarding their participation in the national championship were discussed after the initiative not to recognize citizens of Russia and Kazakhstan as foreign players went through. Sergei Rumas remarked that the number of the Kazakhstan and Russia nationals remains unchanged. The fears that foreign players from Russia will flock to Belarus, and not good ones at that, have not come true.
    The President gave instructions to analyze results of these novelties in order to make a balanced decision next year to meet interests of Belarusian football.