Aleksandr Lukashenko makes personnel decisions

    President of the Republic of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko made a number of personnel decisions.

    Semyon Shapiro - Chairman of the Minsk Oblast Executive Committee
    Vladimir Kravtsov- Chairman of the Grodno Oblast Executive Committee 

    “We are facing hard times, including in the economy. We are now members of the Customs Union and we should keep in mind that this fact is driving competition between the three states. We are about to join the WTO. We will do it sooner or later. In fact we are already part of the WTO de-facto. Therefore, the competition in the economy will only get stronger. This will have a certain impact on everything you do,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said addressing the newly-appointed governors.

    The President urged new governors to take care of state-run property: “No matter how much we clash over private property, it is good when it is created through our own efforts. It is not that good if it is bought for a song, not for the price it is worth. Therefore, we should not rush into bargaining it away”.

    The head of state emphasized the importance of systemic work and rational distribution of tasks between subordinates. “It is crucial. If you take on too much work and get overwhelmed, you will never handle it. People should work efficiently. Let us agree that we will not make hasty decisions. Of course, we should act fast and not delay important decisions, including personnel decisions. However, we should take our time and make sure our decisions are well-planned,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

    “As for your appointments, personnel rotation is a normal thing. We often forgot about it in the past and achieved negative results. Therefore, it is a normal process. It doesn’t end with Shapiro and Kravtsov. Personnel rotation will go on and may be even more active,” said Aleksandr Lukashenko.

    “I’d expected Semyon Shapiro to become a member of the government but he would like to do some live work. Maybe hinting that our government is not live,” noted the Belarusian leader. “But if he wants to do this work in his quite young age, I welcome it”.

    The style of work is different there, responded Semyon Shapiro.

    The head of state said: “I want results instead of reports. Learn to act decisively without unnecessary conferences, without pooling personnel. Invite heads of city and district administrations, your immediate subordinates and talk to them about how you are going to achieve the tasks you have to achieve”.

    Governors should keep track of the situation at local enterprises regardless of their departmental affiliation, Aleksandr Lukashenko said. “I very much hope that the governor would not say that, for example, BelAZ falls within the purview of Semashko or Myasnikovich. It is within the purview of the governor as well and BelAZ’s problems are the governor’s first of all. You need to learn to get the government to resolve) the issues in their area of responsibility. Let them decide. But you must chase the government to get things done starting from the rights of workers, increase of salary to product sales. Get involved in the work,” said Aleksandr Lukashenko .

    "Boris Batura might also say: you know, woodworking is Semashko’s area of responsibility. Borisovdrev is not mine line of business, and so on. It is! I therefore showed that this is, first of all, the governor’s area of responsibility. Even more so if you promised me to get things done,” he added.

    "You, like the President, are responsible for this land. You have great authority. Get the work done! You are accountable only to the President. Consult with the Government, the President’s Administration, if necessary, with ministers. If the solution is found and it is a consolidated view then you must enforce this decision whatever it takes," said the head of state.

    “I have not said anything new today. We are the people of the same generation. It just happened that we are at different levels of the government ladder. But we all bear responsibility and are accountable to people. Not much is left before the elections. Whether people will elect us or not is not the main issue. The main point is that people will assess what we have accomplished. Therefore, I ask you to bear this in mind,” the President said.